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Musical Instruments is a game to learn about musical instruments
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Musical Instruments is a game to learn about musical instruments. At the beginning, you will see the help of the game with all levels and game modes that it includes.
Each game mode is to name wind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments, and the family of each of these instruments. The latter is a bit more complicated because you have to remember correctly the family of each instrument shown.

Once you choose the level to play, the game will start and you'll see a group of images on the right side of your screen and boxes with names of instruments on the left sight.

Your mission is to drag a name and place it on the correct image. If you guess right, it will disappear allowing you to observe other instruments that were hidden under this. If you miss, the metronome will keep discounting time faster and faster. If the time reaches zero, then you will lose the level.

From the game options, you can select to restart the game, obtain help, or remove the sound effects. At each level the time available will differ, depending on the amount of instruments to name.

After completing each level, the game will give you access to the next level of that family of instruments. This program is very helpful to learn names and families of unknown instruments. You can download more instruments after completing levels.

Abigail Diaz
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  • You learn names of new instruments
  • The mission of the game is quite easy


  • Menu is difficult to navigate
  • Its graphics are very simple
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